Online therapy

Online sessions for adults, students and secondary school aged children

For adults, students and secondary school age children, this therapy works really well online. 

After your initial enquiry we’ll arrange a time for a free initial online consultation which takes around 45 minutes where I’ll take you through how the brain works and how solution focused therapy works.  I will then send you a free audio which you can start listening to straight away.  Clients tell me that the audio is enormously helpful right from the start of their therapy journey, following each of our online sessions and into the future. 

My sessions take place using Google Meet, so all you need is a laptop or computer with a stable internet connection and a quiet space.  Finding a quiet place for therapy is really important both during the talking therapy part of each session and for the relaxation and hypnotherapy which takes place at the end of each session.

Weekly sessions last for 45 minutes each.  The number of sessions which will benefit you varies hugely from person to person and what the goals are, but typically you will see differences and progress by session 6 to 8.

People often ask:

Can it be remote?
Can I try before I buy?
How do we get started?