Solution focused hypnotherapy for 5-11 year olds

A fun, positive therapy that can help with all types of troubles

Tricky times for our primary children can look like friendship issues, sleep troubles, worries about death or dying, difficulty coping with change or school refusal plus many more issues. 

Children in this age group have very few tools to help them understand why they are having nightmares about monsters or feeling sick before school. This therapy explains to them why they are feeling like this and helps them cope with school life in a way that works for them. Both neurotypical children and those with additional needs such as ADHD and autism respond well to this therapy, which helps them use their imagination to unlock an understanding of themselves. It’s a pleasure to work with these little ones and help them find their way.

This is a fun, positive therapy that can help with all types of troubles and big feelings such as worry, anger and sadness. It gives children confidence and teaches them so much about themselves.

Face to face therapy in school time

Sessions for primary school age children are delivered face to face in school or at home during school hours (both with school agreement). 

'Our 7 year old child had sessions over 8 months with Louisa and the difference in his world has been HUGE. As a family we can all see how measurably impactful things have been for him as a result of his sessions with Louisa and the best part of this is that he recognises impact himself.

We are so incredibly proud of our son for throwing himself into these sessions but know that he was only able to do this because Louisa helped him to feel safe and to be able to trust in her as a therapist. Our son knows that Louisa is always very proud of him too, that she genuinely cares about his interests and his world. We could not recommend Louisa more highly.'

Parent of A

'Louisa makes me feel so happy because she always listens to me and lets me talk and talk. I didn't know I had a boss brain and a guard brain before and now when I feel anxious I try to get my boss brain back in charge and this helps me.'

A, aged 7

What do the sessions look like?

1. free consultation

The consultation gives your child a chance to meet me and for us to get to know each other. I find this works best if I come and have this session at your home. I’ll ask you and your child what you want to achieve from the sessions, and give you an introduction into the brain.

2. First session, in school or remote

We’ll kick off by going over the neuroscience of how our brains work.

3. Solution focused therapy

This is the part where I’ll be asking you questions. The premise of this is that you know your life better than anyone else - I’ll help you identify what needs to happen to get you back on track.

4. Mindfulness

If the session is at school, I’ll finish with a mindfulness exercise rather than a hypnotherapy session. This part is a chance for your child to really relax. The hypnotherapy part is done at home listening to the audio.

Costs and timescales

The initial consultation is free and each session after that is £60. We work quickly - many people only need between 8 and 10 sessions.

People often ask:

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