When faced with change there is a discomfort in the brain.

Our prefrontal cortex, our intellectual mind, engages when we encounter something new.

Habits and inappropriate responses are stored in our primitive brain. This part of our brain works very well with no attention focused on it and without conscious thought. However, when we are faced with something new the pre frontal cortex must become engaged and this uses so much energy to keep the focus.

We have an inbuilt preference to go with the comfortable known and to take the ‘low road’ of the comfortable ‘known’ which requires less energy and effort.

We have a very well developed capacity to generate ‘error codes’ in our brains when we have a perceived difference between expectation and reality. These error codes are generated in the primitive brain, our guard brain. The one that is there to keep us safe.

In order to make the changes we want to make, there are some things we need to understand:

Change requires effort and when people are faced with new information your primitive brain may well notice this change as an ‘error’ which causes us to go into defense, anxious mode.

Change can be made without ‘error’ anxiety based messages being sent from your primitive brain. This requires you to access your powers of thinking, your subconscious without any threat present. This is where hypnosis comes in and why it is important in our work.

SFH is all about shifting your thought patterns to come from your intellectual mind and not your primitive mind and that gives you the ability to take control of these thoughts.